Seems like I'm on a 4 months schedule 

So yeah not too much new is happening, apart from getting 12-13 songs together for a new album! That's pretty much what I've been working on lately, I'm not too sure when the release date will be but it should definitely be sometime next year. More details will come as I get further into it, but in the meantime you can still download my other EPs for free! Also, buy some shirts or something!

Yep, I'm still bad at updating 

But I finally put the new shirts up! So head over to the Store section and grab one, and maybe some stickers because you can never have enough! Also, I went to the doctor today and he told me that I have tendonitis in my left thumb due to overuse. Hopefully it gets better soon because I've got some pretty cool song ideas happening, like in the video right here!

Remember last time when I said I was bad at updating? 

Yeah, that was only after two months, this time it's been four apparently. Sorry! There's actually been a lot going on in the last 4 months. I played a couple shows, made some new shirts (which will be up on the site very soon!), and recorded a few new songs for an upcoming project that will hopefully be announced shortly! I also fucked up my left index finger at work and haven't been able to play on it yet so I'm taking a break from playing shows until it's all better. It really sucks because I've already had to turn down a couple of really cool shows! So basically this was an update to say that yeah I know I suck ass at updating, and to let whoever visits this site that there's a ton of stuff about to be happening!

I'm so bad at this updating shit 

Yeah so I just noticed that I hadn't updated this news section in a few months, sorry about that! At least I remembered to change the shows section haha. Anyway, this month has been pretty much devoid of any sort of activity as far as the band goes, but that will change next month! I'm playing a show down in Urbana on December 19th, I'll post the details as soon as everything has been finalized but I'm pretty pumped about it! Then it looks like I'll be returning to YOTI yet again in January on the 17th to do more one man destruction of Mt Prospect! Also, new merch is in the works since I only have a few shirts left and lots of ideas for new stuff! I'm in the testing phase right now but i've gotten some new screen printing equipment and inks so I'll be able to do multiple colors now which will be sweet. I'm also thinking that i might print my own digipaks for the next release, as well as the disc images. I'd like to get it to where I've personally made/printed/etched/etc every single piece of merch that I sell, because why not? So yeah those are the updates for right now, check back soon for show info!

3rd and 4th shows have come and gone! 

What a busy week last week was! I got to open for Arsis, Allegaeon, and Exmortus on Wednesday and also got to play with fellow local openers Bloodletter who ruled! Then Saturday I played again at Copas Bar all the way up in Round Lake, IL with Ode Vinter and Luciferum and that show was a blast! You may want to go check out the video section because there might be some new stuff up there! Same with the live pictures! Now I've got a few weeks off until my next couple of shows, including another one at YOTI on the 10th of October!

You guys should sign up for the email list if you want to see all of the videos from the shows or maybe download the audio and have a bunch of live albums! Or not, it's your choice to not want awesome free things. Oh! Back to the show at Copas Bar, I got to play a longer 40 minute set which was awesome, which also meant that I added two new songs to the set! Quondam Echoes and Searching to Vivify were played for the first time ever that night, and it was pretty sweet!

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